Black Frog Cover List

Scuttle Buttin' -Stevie Ray Vaughn
Pride-n-Joy -Stevie Ray Vaughn
Cold Shot -Stevie Ray Vaughn
Couldn't Stand The Weather -Stevie Ray Vaughn
Empty Arms -Stevie Ray Vaughn
Life By The Drop -Stevie Ray Vaughn
Babe I'm Gonna Leave you -Led Zeppelin
Margaritaville -Jimmy Buffet
Two Pina Coladas -Garth Brooks
Low Places -Garth Brooks
Fever -Garth Brook
Crazy Bitch -Buckcherry
I Like It, I Love It -Tim McGraw
Indian Outlaw -Tim McGraw
Coyote Ugly -unknown
Honky Tonk Asshole -unknown
Going Through Hell -Rodney Atkins
Tears In Heaven -Eric Clapton
Wonderful Tonight -Eric Clapton
Ice Cream Man -Van Halen
Every Rose Has Its Thorn -Poison
Tush -ZZ Top
La Grange -ZZ Top
TubeSnake Boogie -ZZ Top
Cheap Sunglasses -ZZ Top
Beer Drinkers, Hell Raisers -ZZ Top
Beer For My Horses -Toby Kieth
Crazy Little Thing Called Love -Queen
Satch Boogie -Joe Satriani
Voodoo Child -Jimmy Hendrix
Fire -Jimmy Hendrix
YYZ -Rush
2112 -Rush
Tom Sawyer -Rush
It's So Easy -Guns-N-Roses
War Pigs -Black Sabbath
Rock-N-Roll -Led Zeppelin
Interstate Love Song -Stone Temple Pilots
Gimme 3 Steps -Lynyrd Skynyrd
Folsom Prison Blues -Johnny Cash
Pink Houses -John Mellencamp
T-R-O-U-B-L-E -Elvis Presely
Jail Break -Thin Lizzy
L.A. Woman -The Doors
Road House Blues -The Doors
Brown-Eyed Girl -Van Morrison

Black Frog Original Songs

Workin' American
Cheap Bottle Of Wine
Gum On My Shoe
Heart & Soul
I Want To Run
No Regrets
Rainy Days
Train To Hell
The Last Hand
She Don't Love Him
When I'm With You
The Wind
Livin' For Today
Day Without Dope
The Old Folks Home
Nessie Of Lochness
Hey Danielle
Who I Am
Trust In Me
I Shrunk Marilyn Mee's Panties
Sweet Little Cowgirl
Long Way Paradise
Midnight Ocean
Smooth Ride
Save The Children
Kiss It Goodbye
Come To Me
One More Chance
Old Enough To Know Better
Lick My Butt
Sweet Sweet Lovin'
House Of Love
Lookin' For A Lover
Good To See You
Paradise, Here I Come
Give Me One More Chance
Broken Spoke Saloon
Cry No More
Since You've Been Around
Al Queda
Hard Core
Monkey Monkey