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Welcome to 2015!

"With the tenacity of a junkyard dog on patrol, Milwaukee's newest sensation, BLACK FROG, has hit the scene with a sound that takes blues, rock and slap-you-up honky-tonk to a level that is as intense as it is original. Top-notch live performance combines with stellar musicianship for a style that defies description with a foot-stomping sound. With a brand new disc, this is a band whose rise in the ranks is inevitable....."-Brian Barney/David Luhrssen

"Black Frog plays their brand of music with such an attitude and ferocity that they have come up with a unique style that I have labeled "Angry Country". When I first heard Black Frog at Country USA, I thought to myself, "This is totally off the radar screen"...The crowd was spellbound and by the time they figured it out it was too late, Black Frog had them in the palm of their hand. They will definitely be back at Country USA next year!....." -TomGuenther, Sr. -Country USA Festival Operations Manager
Big Wave Productions

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