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Click on the song title to get the audio clip, and be aware that you will need
a MP3 player available of some kind to hear the clips.
Windows Media Player should work with MP3's.

Man Whore is here! Here's a clip of the finished song: Man Whore

The following MP3 format audio clips are one to two minutes each from the
latest CD that Black Frog has for sale.
More music coming soon......

Broken Spoke Saloon

Hey Danielle

Lookin' For A Lover


Cheap Bottle

House Of Love

Gum On My Shoe

Who I Am

Smooth Ride

Paradise, Here I Come

Train To Hell

I Want To Run

Save The Children


Kiss It Goodbye

And for some other tunes not currently on the CD....

Midnight Ocean

Good To See You

When I'm With You

Old Enough To Know Better

Excerpts from the WMSE 91.7FM in-studio acoustic broadcast:

Portion of WMSE Interview

Day Without Dope

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